The Habitat | Penang Hill Evening Walk

2020-10-30 10:17:46

Video in Penang / Penang

Reconnect with nature in its purest form as you immerse yourself in our 130-million year old rainforest. Starting at the forest floor, our Naturalists will take you on a journey along our Nature Trail to explore the myriad of flora and fauna – plants, trees, insects, birds, reptiles, and mammals that call The Habitat home. Explore the biodiversity of the rainforest canopy on our 230m Langur Way Canopy Walk. Visit Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk at the top of Penang Hill, and embrace the 360-degree panoramic views of Penang Island from the highest viewing point of Penang.

Tropical rainforests cover only 6% of the planet’s surface but in terms of biodiversity, they contain more than 50% of the world’s terrestrial plant and animal species. On plants alone, tropical rainforests are thought to be the exclusive home for 170,000 of the world’s 250,000 known plant species.

The largest intact tropical rainforest in the world is in the Amazon River Basin and it dwarfs the Malaysian rainforests in size by far. However, age-wise, the Amazon jungle’s estimated age of 55 to 70 million years is way younger. Estimated at around 130 million years old, Malaysia’s rainforests is host to some of the most diverse tropical ecosystems in the world. During the Ice Age, Southeast Asia’s rainforests continued to experience moist temperatures due to its geographical location. This, in turn, allowed them to develop much earlier than the tropical rainforests of Africa and South America, the Amazon included.

Over millions of years, Malaysia’s rainforests have nurtured a tremendous diversity of flora and fauna and has served as home to countless unique mammal and bird species. Scientists estimate that they host around 20% of the world’s animal species. Recognized as one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, Conservation International listed Malaysia as one of 17 countries described as “mega diverse”.

Closer to us, the Penang Hill virgin jungle reserve area, on the fringe of which The Habitat sits, is believed to be part of Malaysia’s treasure trove of prehistoric rainforests dating back 130-million years old. Besides its rich biodiversity, it plays an important role as primary water catchment area for Penang island.

Our rainforests also provide essential ecosystem services for sustenance of life including climate regulation, water & nutrient recycling, air purification, carbon storage and soil stability.