Setia Negaraku

2019-08-29 10:34:41

A zero-budget patriotic passion project recorded on 13th of May 2018 in four hours, By Malaysians, For Malaysians. Thank you for watching and do share this song with love. Many thanks and much love to the incredible people that made this video possible.

ProducedandDirected by Vale V Wong
Recorded at Mo SoundStudio by BotHong
VideoShot+Edited by MichaelChenandteam
Music Arranged by Vale V Wong and Loh Ui Li
Music Programmed by Loh Ui Li
AssistantDirected by CherylTan
Many thanks to the many Malaysians who selflessly made this happen: Joylene Ling, Kenny Gan, Nicholas Chin, Joel Wong, Ryonn Leong, Andrew Filmer, Andrea Sim, Joshua Sim, Haly Rahman, Raden Ahmad Zairudi, Anthony Siew, Happy Azzad Anuarudin, Sia Cheong Long, Reney Marlini, Samantha de Lune, Anne-Marie Abraham, Elly Peh, Siti Darlina Ibrahim, Anrie Too, Aishah Soraya, Abby Amran, Jollene Tan --
Lirik Setia Negaraku--
Di curahkanbaktipenuhsetia
Untukagama, bangsadannegara
(English Translation as requested) For our beloved country We are overflowing with devotion and loyalty For our great highly esteemed king And undivided loyalty that will never give way To our leaders, and to our countrymen, We give you our service and obedience We will work together and strive together Faithfully we will serve all We are willing to sacrifice everything For the sake of the nation's trust that we will protect We pledge allegiance and complete loyalty For religion, race and country Malaysia