Penang Vlog Trip | Malaysia 槟城

2020-12-10 10:57:14

Video in Penang / Penang

Penang is a Malaysian state located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia, by the Malacca Strait. It has two parts: Penang Island, where the capital city, George Town, is located, and Seberang Perai on the Malay Peninsula.

The culture here seems to have adopted a permanent a Chinese tinge. It is not unusual to find Malays and Indians being able to speak the Hokkien language alongside the largely Chinese population (65 percent) of Penang. Besides, eating out is a very popular past time and Penang's hawker stalls are legendary among Malaysians for their excellent food and lively atmosphere.

Furthermore, commercial and administrative activity is concentrated in the capital of Georgetown, located on the northeast tip of the island. Temples and other historical sites are scattered in many places and the northern areas hides some picturesque beaches.


🚶 PinangPeranakanMansion 29, Church St, Georgetown, 10200 GeorgeTown, Penang

🚶 Kek Lok Si Temple Kek Lok Si Temple, 11500 Air Itam, Penang

🚶 HinBusDepot 31A, JalanGurdwara, 10300 GeorgeTown, PulauPinang

🚶 KhooKongsi 18, CannonSquare, GeorgeTown, 10450 GeorgeTown, PulauPinang

🚶 China House 153, Beach St, Georgetown, 10300 George Town, Penang

🚶 Clan Jetties Pengkalan Weld, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang

🚶 Jubilee Clock Tower Lebuh Light, George Town, 10450 George Town, Pulau Pinang

🚶 SiaBoeyUrbanArchaeologicalPark 50, Jalan Dr LimChweeLeong, GeorgeTown, 10100 GeorgeTown, PulauPinang

🚶 Tow Boo Kong Temple Butterworth Lot 894 & 896, Seksyen 1, Jalan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia

🚶 PenangAvatarSecretGarden 336, JalanTokongThaiPakKoong, TanjungTokong, 11200 TanjungBungah, PulauPinang



🚶Love Lane