Penang Durian Farm-For Good Durians & Stay- Nature Fruit Farm Resort Eps2

2021-06-22 13:05:07

Video in Penang / Penang

Stay Safe. Stay At Home. It is fun to compile this video by using greenscreen and different technics with many old video footage.

Penang is famous for its durians with different varieties. Balik Pulau is home for durians. You can enjoy a perfect durian tour during the durian season (End of May to July every year) when there is no lockdown of this Covid-19 pandemic. There are so many good durians with unique tastes.

Since we are not allowed to go out, so stay at home, enjoy the video. Buy durian online pun boleh

So, where is the best Durian Farm to go for durian and stay in Balik Pulau, Penang? Balik Pulau Nature Fruit Farm Resort is one the best and beautiful Durian Farm to go for Stay and Eat Durian! It is a second-generation farm that practices organic farming techniques and sensitivity to the environment. On this farm, you can experience a reception from wonderful and friendly reception from this couple, Jenny and Tan Jit Keong. This farm offers a unique range of durian flavours, beautiful and clean rooms. You can visit this place during the durian season (May to August) to taste our durians. Book a night at our durian farm or a durian-tasting on this site.

Search on the Durian Farm near me, you will find plenty of them because Balik Pulau is the home for durian.

For Freedom, Getaway, Fruit in nature - Nature Fruit Farm Resort is one of the best choices.