MCO Song - Namewee Ft. Malaysia Musicians【OK Lah!】

2020-05-03 13:46:02

Sudah 46 hari. Makan Tidur, Tidur Makan…. Malaysia 6 races, 17 Musicians, 14 Instruments.

This is the first time we record our music separately at home but we put our effort as one. We just want to share our love to all heroes who fight for Malaysian as front liners. Our doctors, nurse, polis, tentera and many more. Thank you so so so much! Finally we can get out from our home! But still be careful lah don’t play play!

這支MV裡面有6個種族,14種以上的樂器,參與整個製作的都是馬來西亞最頂尖的樂手和歌手,或許你們沒有看過他們的臉,但是他們的名字都會經常出現在我的音樂製作名單裡面。甚至在很多海外天王天后的演唱會台上和專輯裡面都能找到, 不要開玩笑...

我們想藉這首歌對全國上下的警察,軍人,醫生,護士和所有前線人員致一百萬個敬意。感恩有你們!馬來西亞封國了46天,大家終於可以出門叫雞…飯吃啦!獻給大家這首歌Ok lah! 預祝大家開齋節快樂!