2020-12-09 10:00:36

Video in Sabah / Sabah

Pantai Bak-Bak is a beach destination in Kudat, located 5km away on town from an exit along the main road.

The closest beach to town, Pantai Bak-Bak has some of the clearest sea waters in Sabah comparable to island resorts off the coast. However, Pantai Bak-Bak isn't technically a beach in that the shore is inundated with water even at low tide.

This is also indicated by the vertical concrete banks that prevent erosion by waves during high tide. Still, the sea waters are calm and shallow for a significant distance out to sea - ideal for wallowing - with pretty coral rock formations dotting the surface. The access road along the beach also connects to Tip of Borneo with a little bit of navigation.