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Behold the Roman God of War!

Coldness, thin air, dust storms, low gravity, the "Red Planet" has everything that wants to kill you. Yet, Mars is a beautiful planet that closely resembles the Earth's habitability among all the planets in the Solar System. Is there any life on Mars? Can we as humans finally land on Mars and start a new life beyond Earth?

In Mini Mission to Mars, you become the engineer to help mankind answer these questions. Through learning engineering designs and processes, you will plan a manned voyage to Mars with four main mission elements and learn how to overcome the harsh living condition on Mars!

Sign up before January 23 to enjoy early bird pricing! Head on over to www.techdomepenang.org/programme/project?event_id=91 now!

Date and Time
Sun, Feb 23, 2020
14:00 - 18:00 Malaysia Time

Tech Dome Penang
Geodesic Dome,
Jalan Penang,
Penang, Malaysia

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Children & Youth

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Free Admission
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