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A well-trained safety committee is a very valuable tool to help management provide a safe workplace for employees and improve the bottom line of any company, large or small.
The purpose of the safety committee is to assist management in providing a safe workplace. The committee members, being active safety advocates, accomplish this. Acting as the liaison between workers and management, committee members work to ensure a cooperative effort to improve safety in the workplace.
A safety committee should be comprised of managers, supervisors, workers and union representatives. This committee should reflect a diverse cross-section of the work force. Employee participation is very important to this committee. Volunteers, rather than appointees, are more likely to be active and interested in fulfilling the mission of the safety committee.

At the end of training, the participants should be able to:
Function effectively as a member of their Health & Safety Committee
Contribute to OSH legal compliance
Contribute to minimizing health and safety risks in their workplace.

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Date and Time
Tue, Dec 03, 2019
9:00 - 17:00 Malaysia Time

Safetyware Academy,
Plot 237,
Lengkok Perindustrian Bukit Minyak 3,
Jalan Bukit Minyak, Industrial Estate,
Penang, Malaysia

Health & Wellness

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Class, Course, Training or Workshop

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RM 848