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Mount Sadong, whose terrain registered at approximately 753m above sea level, is a landmark for the Bidayuhs living in the Bukar area in Serian, some 70km from Kuching. It is known to possess the highest summit in the area, so much so that even a surveying team had once visited the peak to gather bearings and coordinates for the nearby mountains.

The summit or how locals termed it “Bung Sadung”, served as a trigonometrical station which is a fixed surveying station, used in geodetic surveying and other surveying projects in its vicinity.

An old trig point displaying the year 1993 and a not-so-visible carving of the bearings lies on the grassy plains, the only small open area on the summit. Folk called this equipment ‘santing’ and the name soon caught on to describe the mountain’s summit.

The 700-metre Mount Sadong is a cultural heritage and pride of the Bukar people, a sub-dialect Bidayuh group in the Serian Division. So sacred is the mountain to the Bukar Bidayuhs that 1,000 people staged a protest in 2013 following encroachment by a company, which led to the licence to log timber on the mountain to be revoked.

For more details : http://jomrun.com/event/Bung-Sadung-Climbathon-Challenge-2nd-Edition

Date and Time
Sun, Sep 15, 2019
6:00 - 11:00 Malaysia Time

Kampung Bunga,
94700 SERIAN
Sarawak, Malaysia

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Race or Endurance Event

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RM 50