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“青年”是一个学业和事业冲刺的好时段。但,随着时间流逝,过了这阶段后,是否还能保留当初的精力及热诚?我们是否有用 [心] 生活?
As Youth, we have the privilege to fully concentrate on studies and careers. But, as time passes, do we still remain as passionate as before? Do we really live our lives to fullest ?
We need Dharma to lead us, particularly in this convenient world we are living now. As a young Buddhist, we can first become a role model and always refer to the Buddha’s teaching.
As quoted by the Venerable Hsing Yun,” May young Buddhist be the sun, like Buddha illuminates all being. May them be the ocean, like dharma forever flows.
日期Date :18.9.2021(星期六Sat)
时间Time: 8.00pm
平台 Platform: ZOOM
媒介语 Language:中文 Mandarin
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Date and Time
Sat, Sep 18, 2021
20:00 - 22:00 Malaysia Time

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