Must Eat Food in Sabah

2020-05-16 15:04:41

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The food in Sabah comes from a mouthwatering variety of influences including Chinese, Indonesian, indigenous Sabahan, and mainland Malaysian. All of these influences combine to create a unique style of cuisine that you can only find with Sabah food. Check out our list of delicious food that you must try when you visit Sabah, Borneo.

1. Fresh Seafood

Delicious Food MUST eat in Sabah

Sabah enjoys a large coastline.  Just about anywhere in this Malaysian state, you can find fresh, delicious seafood.  You can easily find fresh and good quality seafood served in any various eateries in Sabah Borneo. A visit to Sabah Borneo is not complete without you trying out the scrumptious seafood at the cafe or restaurants.

2. Fish Noodle

Delicious Food MUST eat in Sabah

Since Sabah Borneo is rich with seafood, it is no doubt that the local will serve the seafood with noodle. The Fish Noodle usually will be cooked with tomato-base (to remove the fishy taste) and you can have an option for your fish noodle soup to have milk inside or not. Whichever it is, both have different taste and are super mouth watering!

3. Ngiu Chap or Mixed Beef Noodle

Delicious Food MUST eat in Sabah

Ngiu Chap or Mixed Beef noodle is the signature and one of the favorite noodle soup for the locals. The Ngiu Chap typically consist of noodles or rice vermicelli noodles in a beef broth soup with beef parts. Some shop will put radish inside the Ngiu Chap, however, the Ngiu Chap is highly recommended (together with our spicy chili). Simply scrumptious!

4. Tuaran Mee

Delicious Food MUST eat in Sabah

Tuaran Mee is also considered Sabahans favorite noodle and it is a “MUST EAT’ noodle. It is originally from Tuaran Town, but now the Tuaran Mee can be found in any eateries in Sabah. However, the best is still in Tuaran Town itself. The original Tuaran Mee is served fried with Chun Kien (Sabah Pork Egg Roll), Char Siew and vegetables. Nowadays, there is also Tuaran Mee fried with beef or chicken meat, which can be served for Muslim. The Tuaran Mee specialty will be the fragrant and springy noodles, slightly smoky from the charring of the hot wok, and also you can taste the “eggy” aftertaste.

5. Sang Nyuk Noodles (Pork Noodles)

Delicious Food MUST eat in Sabah

Sang Nyuk ( meaning fresh meat noodle) is originated from Tawau, Sabah Borneo. The pork meat is usually thinly sliced and served on top of the noodle in the pork broth. You can eat the Sang Nyuk Noodles in either soup or dry stir. Some locals recommend the Sang Nyuk Noodle is best to eat with a dip of Hot Chilli Paste.

6. Traditional Food

Delicious Food MUST eat in Sabah
When visiting Sabah Borneo, never missed out to taste the traditional food in Sabah Borneo , such as hinava ( pickled raw river fish), bambangan ( wild mango fruit), butod (sago worm), Tuhau ( Appetizer from wild ginger), bosou ( preserved raw freshwater fish) , and linopot ( Rice wrapped in leaves). It used to be so hard to find eateries that served the traditional food, as you will need to wait on certain occasion or Sabahan traditional wedding, then you will get the chance to taste the traditional food. However, D’ Place Kinabalu which is located at Shell Plaza, serves traditional food every day and you should try it out during your Sabah Borneo Trip!