Warren Buffett's Cashflow Masterclass Preview (免费-沃伦·巴菲特的现金流大师班预览)

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Proven stock investment concepts, how to invest in wonderful companies with Warren Buffet's strategy 讲授行之有效的股票投资概念以及如何利用沃伦·巴菲特的行之有效的策略

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FREE ONE to ONE MasterClass Preview in JB - Contact Whatapps Adeline @ +60193006363 for appointment (JB中的免费一对一MasterClass预览约会日期-联系Whatapps Adeline @ +60193006363

Masterclass ONLY LIMITED to JOHOR BAHRU at the Moment. We will make special arrangement and greater discounts for other Malaysia State, organization with a group of ten(10) students. 此刻大师班仅对JOHOR BAHRU有限。我们将为其他马来西亚州的特殊安排和更大的折扣,该组织由十(10)名学生组成


Warren Buffett - "You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. Investing is not a game where the guy with the 160 IQ beats the guy with the 130 IQ."

沃伦·巴菲特(Warren Buffett)-“您不需要成为火箭科学家。投资并不是一场智商为160的人击败智商为130的人的游戏。”

Peter Lynch - "Companies that have no debt can’t go bankrupt"

彼得·林奇(Peter Lynch)-“没有债务的公司不会破产”

Stock Investment Framework - Follow A Process 股票投资框架-遵循流程

When you buy a stock, think of it as taking part ownership of the business. When you want to own a business, like say a restaurant, or an IT company, what due diligence process would you go through?当您购买股票时,应将其视为企业的部分所有权。当您想拥有一家餐馆,一家IT公司等企业时,您将经历什么尽职调查过程?

I bet you want to know how the business is currently doing, why the customers are buying from this company and the profit margins available. Are your customers loyal and why? Can you grow and expand this business further?我敢打赌,您想知道公司目前的状况,为什么客户要从该公司购买产品以及可用的利润率。您的客户忠诚吗?为什么?您能否进一步发展和扩展这项业务?

Quantitatively, this is how you assess a stock. 从数量上讲,这是评估股票的方式。

And then you go through the financials, the profits, the margins, the cashflow generation and some financial ratios. Oh my goodness, some of you may think, you have to deal with financial statements and maths. This does not need to be daunting though and the trainers have experiences bringing the most novice of all up to speed to appreciate the essential numbers. 然后,您将浏览财务,利润,利润,现金流量的产生以及一些财务比率。噢,天哪,有些人可能认为,您必须处理财务报表和数学。但这并不需要令人望而生畏,而且培训师们拥有丰富的经验,可以使所有人中的最新手迅速掌握基本数字。

After the qualitative and quantitative steps, you want to buy the stock at a discount, paying $0.50 for something worth $1 like you may hear from many regarding the definition of value investing. Well, it is that and you want to own stocks of companies which continue to thrive for the next 20 years, 30 years; in fact forever so you see the stock prices continue to soar. 经过定性和定量步骤后,您希望以折扣价购买股票,以0.50美元的价格购买价值1美元的产品,就像您可能从许多人那里听到的关于价值投资的定义一样。好吧,就是这样,您想要拥有在接下来的20年,30年里继续蓬勃发展的公司的股票。事实上,永远如此,所以您会看到股价继续飙升。

Cashflow Mastery Program simplifies what is necessary work to pick sound and quality stocks and buying at a discount. 现金流量精通计划简化了挑选优质股票和打折购买所需的工作。

Why Invest In The Stock Market?为什么要投资股市?

Is stock investment risk free? Absolutely not. The so-called benchmark risk-free investment asset is usually government bonds which provide about 2% plus annual returns. So, why do you still want to invest in the stock market if it is risky? Well, stock investment is VERY risky if you do not know what you are doing but if you do your homework correctly, it will reward you handsomely. The # 1 reason you invest is because you NEED an investment greater than inflation rate so that your hard-earned savings do not get smaller and smaller and you find that you cannot afford a desired lifestyle during your retirement years.股票投资无风险吗?绝对不。所谓的基准无风险投资资产通常是政府债券,可提供约2%的年收益。那么,如果有风险,为什么还要投资股市呢?好吧,如果您不知道自己在做什么,那么股票投资就会非常有风险,但是如果您正确地做家庭作业,它将为您带来丰厚的回报。投资的第一大原因是因为您需要的投资要大于通货膨胀率,以免辛辛苦苦积储蓄的积蓄越来越少,并且您发现自己在退休期间无法负担理想的生活方式。

A $1,000 investment in Apple when it went IPO is worth roughly about $430,000 today. The right investment will make your very rich. But you should always invest in fundamentally sound companies with profitable growth in revenue and earnings and which possess pricing power through competitive advantages. Apple is such a company and you can be armed with the right knowledge and skills to pick companies like Apple.苹果在IPO时对苹果进行的1000美元投资如今价值约为430,000美元。正确的投资将使您变得非常富有。但是,您应始终投资于收入和收益均实现可盈利增长且通过竞争优势拥有定价能力的,基本面良好的公司。苹果公司就是这样的公司,您可以拥有正确的知识和技能来挑选像苹果公司这样的公司。

Through stock investment, you may also collect regular dividends which you can reinvest, and you compound your money over time. This way, you accumulate your wealth and the dividend income will one day form a passive income stream which provides you the financial freedom.通过股票投资,您还可以收取定期股利,您可以将其再投资,并且随着时间的推移您的资金会增加。这样,您积累了财富,股息收入将有一天成为被动收入流,为您提供财务自由。


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