Paint and Chill (小王子画画班)

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RM80 per person, inclusive of paint, rental brush and canvas. 每人RM80, 学费包含颜料,工具和画布。

About this Event

Feeling bored at home? Why not join us in our weekly painting workshop? Starting at RM80, you will be taught how to create a work of art from scratch! If you're feeling adventurous, go for a bigger canvas! We have different packages, ranging from 80-200! Wish to commission a painting? Contact our instructor for a special quote! Register now, and we'll even throw in a free drink! Come in a group of 5 and we'll throw in a free snack too! Don't worry if you can't finish your drawing on time! Come again next week for free to finish it! (Fee is charged per-work, not per-class!)


小王子画画班开课啦!从RM80起, 您就可以学习画画! 零基础也可以画出大作品!想画大幅一点?我们也有!价钱从RM80 至RM200的画布任你挑选。画不完?下个星期免费继续!

Date and Time
Sun, May 09, 2021
13:00 - 17:00 Malaysia Time

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Class, Course, Training or Workshop

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