[Online 2-Day] Developing Effective Human Resource Policies and Employee Handbook

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Effective Human Resource Policies and Employee Handbook will describe expectations and clarifies employees’ doubts regarding standard policies & procedures, performance and promotion criteria, compensation & benefits provided, fringe benefits entitlement, etc. Human Resource Policies must be carefully drafted to be clear and unambiguous to avoid legal disputes and disruption to work flow, and at the same time ensuring the compliances to the relevant Acts and Regulations (with the latest amendments, revision or additions). This course is designed to provide useful tips to participants to effectively write or revise your Human Resource policies or Employee Handbook to suit the needs of your respective organizations. Discover and avoid the elements that will turn your policies and practices into liabilities.



Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

• Cultivate skills you’ll need to develop your policies & procedures and Employee Handbook.

• Be prepared for Compliance Audit

• Ensure your Organisation’s HR Policies & Procedures are in line with the Labour Laws and relevant legislations

• Know how to avoid legal disputes by inserting a Disclaimer

• Establish concrete policies, retooled and put in place before contentious issues arises

• Discover the one thing every employer must do when modifying a policy to stay legally safe

• Practical skills and knowledge regarding the most effective and cost-efficient means of drafting, updating and disseminating your Company’s Policies to your employees



• Interactive Presentation

• Case Studies

• Practical and Experiential Learning

• Questions & Answers



• Human Resource Practitioners / Managers / Executives

• Office Managers / Administrator

• Personal Assistants and Secretaries

• Business Owners / Employers

• Upgrading of Knowledge and Skills




Date: 24 - 25 February 2022 (Thu - Fri)

Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Mode: Online/ Interactive

CPD: 8 Hours

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- Early Bird Offer (before 15 February 2022) - RM 1,080

- Special Offer (before 19 February 2022) - RM 1,180

- Normal Fee - RM 1,280


Fee includes Course Notes & Certificate of Completion and 6% Government Service Tax


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- 10% Cashback for SST2u Learner Card+ (SLC+) members. T&Cs applied.






[01] Introduction to HR Policies & Procedures and Employee Handbook

• Difference between Policies, SOPs and Employee Handbook


[02] Policies Development, Updates and Revisions

• Who should be developing the Policies

• How to and Where to Starts writing

• Getting rid of the Writer’s block

• When to do revision

• Sample templates


[03] Cutting legal liability to a minimum

• Writing disclaimers

• Eliminating discriminatory language

• Compliances to relevant Employment Acts, Regulations and Standards


[04] Employment Policies

• Recruitment and Selection Policies

• Probationer and Confirmation Policies

• Employment and Promotion Policies

• Transfer Policy

• Performance Appraisal Policy

• Learning and Development Policies

• Induction/Orientation Programs

• Training & Development Policy


[05] Termination of Employment Policies

• Normal Termination policy

• Retirement Age policy

• Retrenchment policy

• Dismissal due to Misconduct




[01] Rules & Regulations and Compensation & Benefits Policies

• Hours of work and Overtime Policies

• Sick leave and Hospitalisation Policies

• Pro-long Illness Policy

• Maternity Leave Policy

• Annual Leave and No Pay Leave Policies

• Emergency Leave Policy

• Medical Benefits Policy

• Security Policy

• Locker Policy


[02] Code of Conduct Policies and Procedures

• Personal and Professional conduct

• Substance, drug and alcohol abuse

• Confidentiality and ethics

• Social Media, Email and internet usage


[03] Section 17A of the MACC Act

• Corporate Liabilities


[04] Ethics Escalation Policies

• Whistleblower Policy

• Anti-Corruption / Anti-Bribery Policy

• Anti-Fraud Policy


[05] Corporate Responsibility Policies

• Sexual Harassment Policy

• Anti-Discrimination Policy


[06] Disciplinary Policies and Procedures

• List of Minor and Major Misconduct

• Documentations and Procedures

• Grievances Procedures and Flowchart

• Handling Misconducts permitted procedures


[07] Finalizing your Policies and Employee handbook

• Implementations and Compliances

• Employees' Awareness


[08] Tracking your Policies

• Helping user locate information easily and quickly

• Helping user locate Policies easily and quickly Q&As





Serene Yap is a HR Trainer and Consultant. She has been involved in all aspects of human capital development and management for more than 20 years. She holds an MBA in General Management, is a certified NLP Practitioner by ISNS, Certified Master Class Trainer and a PSMB approved Trainer. Her industry exposure includes property development and management, hospitality, medical, manufacturing, oil and gas, construction sector and consultancy services. She has developed and conducted many HR programs covering both the Employment Act 1955, Sabah Labour Ordinance and Sarawak Labour Ordinance. Notable programs are Employer’s and Employee’s rights in HR Management, Developing HR policies, HR Documentations and SOPs, Behavioral-based Interview, and Managing Misconduct and Domestic Inquiry amongst others. Besides training, Serene also consults and has successfully carried out consultancy projects from HR Audit, Policies & Procedures and Employee Handbook; Retrenchment Strategy and Execution to HR Department Startup and HR Team Coaching over the years.



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