Advanced Java Training

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Java Advanced Training shows you how to expand their programming skills and get more out of Java. This course covers the following topics: 

Course Highlights

  • Simplified generics
  • Working with advanced class structures (member, local inner, etc.)
  • Using the Reflection API
  • Navigating inheritance trees
  • Managing unordered and ordered sets
  • Peeking and polling with queues
  • Testing and error handling
  • Managing files and directories
  • Working with I/O streams
  • Multi-threading


All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from Tertiary Courses after achieved at least 75% attendance.

Funding and Grant

HRDF SBL Claimable for Employers Registered with HRDF

HRDF claimable

Course Code: M328

Topic 1. Getting Started

  • Installing Java 
  • Installing Eclipse

Topic 2. Using Generics

  • Exploring the simplified use of generics
  • Using underscores in numeric literals
  • Using strings in switch statements

Topic 3. Using Advanced Class Structures

  • Using static initializers
  • Using instance field initializers
  • Using member classes
  • Using local inner classes
  • Using anonymous inner classes
  • Creating and using enumeration classes

Topic 4. Using the Reflection API

  • Using the Class class
  • Instantiating classes dynamically
  • Navigating inheritance trees

Topic 5. More of the Collections Framework

  • Managing unordered sets with HashSet
  • Managing ordered sets with TreeSet
  • Controlling list order with LinkedList
  • Peeking and polling with queues

Topic 6. Testing and Advanced Exception Handling

  • Exploring test-driven development with the assert keyword
  • Using the finally keyword
  • Using try-with-resources in Java 7
  • Defining and throwing a custom exception

Topic 7. Managing Files and Directories in Java 7

  • Using the Path class
  • Managing files and directories
  • Reading and writing text files
  • Walking the directory tree
  • Finding files
  • Watching a directory for file changes

Topic 8. Working with I/O Streams

  • Reading and writing byte streams
  • Reading and writing character streams
  • Using buffered streams
  • Scanning tokenized text

Topic 9. Working with Multi-threading

  • Extending the Thread class
  • Implementing the Runnable interface
  • Interrupting a thread
  • Synchronizing threads
Date and Time
Wed, Jan 27, 2021
10:00 - 18:00 Malaysia Time

InfoGenius Skill Development Center
55C-2-3 Jalan Sungai Dua
Penang, Malaysia

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Class, Course, Training or Workshop

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