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Young Sarawak lawyer’s indelible link to Malaysia Day
MOST 30-year-olds will see Malaysia Day as just another public holiday, but not Aubrey Ng, a Kuching...
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Grounded pilot’s mee and rojak stall takes off
SUBANG: Every morning, pilot Azrin Mohamad Zawawi puts on his white uniform and black captain’s ca...
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Woodcarver’s passion still shines at 75
This 75-Year-Old Woodcarver In Penang Is Still Carving Various Iconic Things
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More Malay youths picking up Mandarin as third language
The popularity of Mandarin classes is rising among Malaysians, including those without Chinese herit...
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Let’s build unity despite differences
Malay boy inspired by happy childhood days in multiracial community
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Explore your own backyard
Malaysians are urged to travel domestically, with holiday ideas filled with discovery.
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Festivals of Malaysia - Whit Monday
Whit Monday is Pentecost Monday.  It is also known as the Monday of the Holy Spirit. Whit Monday oc...
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Festivals of Malaysia - Trinity Sunday
Trinity Sunday honours the Holy Trinity. It is dedicated to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, the es...
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